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Vena Solutions provides a financial process automation solution to automate Corporate Performance Management, Regulatory & Compliance, and other finance-related processes. The Vena 5 platform is designed to be flexible and configurable by leveraging your existing spreadsheets, documents and process methodologies to drive efficiency, eliminate manual-labor intensive tasks, and add a layer of control and auditing capabilities.
Leveraging the investments made in spreadsheets, Vena 5 adds workflow, auditing, automation, and business rules in a single, unified environment. The resulting solution keeps users in Microsoft Excel, eliminates the headaches associated with spreadsheet-based processes, and adds the control, security, and data integrity required to automate corporate performance management applications.

Vena 5 allows customers to extend automation well beyond CPM. Customers can use Vena 5 to replace manual data collection processes — bridging the gap between available data from core financial systems and data required for planning and reporting.

Key Features:

  • Process Automation: Manage the entire process, tasks, and user communication centrally. Visually design workflow and processes with the drag-and-drop process designer
  • Native Microsoft Excel User Interface: If you can use Excel, you already know how to use Vena 5. Take full advantage of Microsoft Excel’s productivity tools such as conditional formatting and formulas, auto-fill, charts,graphs, and more
  • Security, Auditing, and Data Validation: Control access to sensitive data, track changes, and enforce business rules. Role-based security provides appropriate access to contributors, reviewers, and approvers
  • Powerful Database Technology: Centrally store and consolidate data and templates in a scalable environment. Eliminate email overload and data redundancy
  • Create high, medium, and low level budgets and plans: Budget and plan capital, personnel, IT, expenses and more in any level of detail
  • Enter supporting commentary and text: Vena can capture alphanumeric data, allowing users to contribute both numbers and written explanations of reported figures through text boxes and supporting documents.
  • Set targets and constraints: Management can centrally define spreadsheet data validations and input thresholds to restrict users from making unauthorized changes to budgeting and planning spreadsheets or submitting spreadsheets if they contain data that falls beneath or exceeds an established threshold.
  • Top-down, bottom-up, or both: Vena supports the creation of “top down” budgeting, where management sets goals and pushes the requirements down to departments and divisions, in addition to “bottom up” budgeting, where high level plans are built from more detailed plans. Alternatively, finance teams can combine the two approaches and track changes, user comments, and approvals with Vena’s powerful workflow engine
  • Track changes and eliminate manual version control: A complete audit trail time, data, and user stamps every change made to a spreadsheet to enhance user accountability. Finance teams can easily roll back to previous budgeting and planning spreadsheet versions to view and analyze changes over time.
  • Store all submitted data in a central, secure repository: Finance teams can create centrally managed budgeting and planning Excel spreadsheets that meet the needs of every department. All inputted data is linked directly to a single data repository, ensuring every user accesses the same number, every time.
  • Easily manage workflow: Management can track user activity and each budgeting template’s owner, due date, and workflow status with the click of a button to better analyze and control the process, ensuring its timely completion.

CPM Extended – Selected list of client applications include:

  • Financial Close
  • Tax Accounting
  • Treasury Management

  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Business Process Management
  • Other Application Areas
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